Service Limitations

GraphCDN has a few limits you show be aware of.

Size Limits

  • The maximum response size that GraphCDN can handle right now is 133MB. Everything bigger than that will fail. We're working on increasing that limit.
  • The maximum response size which can be purged is 2MB.
  • The maximum response size of a mutation that will end up in purging is 2MB.
  • The maximum timeout of request to your origin is 5 minutes.
  • The maximum query size (including variables) is 60 MB. If you need to send bigger payloads, e.g. a file upload, please use a Content-Type that is not application/json like multipart/form-data.
  • The maximum query size which we can process is 40KB. Anything bigger than that will be passed through to your origin without GraphCDN being able to cache it. For reference: The introspection query has a size of about 1KB.

Automatic Persisted Queries

We recently released initial support for automatic persisted queries. Please see our Automatic Persisted Queries (APQ) for additional information and let us know about your experience with APQs at [email protected].

Request Limits

There is no limit on how many requests you can do at the same time.

Caching Empty Lists

We currently do not cache empty responses. The reason for this is that our current implementation tags responses with the __typename, which in the case of an empty response would not be available. As such we wouldn't be able to tag the response properly and neither would we be able to purge it via the Purging API.

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